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Management Tool for ogame
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The Project AlTernative is a management tool for OGame.

The Project offers you many modules to manage your accounts or your Ogame.

It allows you to calculate your points, your production and other tool for ogame. You can also save your raids, your shipments, your progress (fleets, points, technologies).

with Infocompte, a link at the bottom of page ogame allows you to send information to your AlTernative account.

The records of the various players and your alliance' are updated in real time.

(553 219 Ogamiens) - (9 661 Active profiles)

More information about the alternative project!

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2013-05-08 NewsNews My new website

Hi my dear AlTerriens!

Lately I'm very involved in my new project ! I invite you to go see and even like!

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2013-02-14 ImprovementImprovement [Informations] Production

Bonjour mes chers AlTerreiens

I propose four new signature! sorry for the delay Eltite.

proposed by AlTI5

proposed by AlTI5

proposed by AlTI5

proposed by eltitep. Pegasus

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2013-02-12 NewsNews [Site] facebook projet alternative

I have remove the forum, because a hacker used a security vulnerability, I invite you to come and share on Facebook!

This page allows you to stay connected with the project seeing the following information:

-add new signatures directly on your wall;

The set-a-day project

The notification-event like the competitions;

-full of other surprises!

more you can directly talk with meI labas answer with pleasure

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2013-01-01 NewsNews Happy new year 2013

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2012-11-25 NewsNews [Informations] Production

Hello my dear AlTerriens!

Following the event Ogame

"In the future, each level of plasma technology research will boost the production of metal and cristal."

Well it's up :)

is an opportunity to improve the readability of the page

and they also 3 new signatures!

You can also outline proposed signature!

Do not hesitate! I encourage you to do so: p

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