Projet AlTernative Management Tool for ogame

To use alternative install script INFOCOMPTE
Management Tool for ogame
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WarWar OGame

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Organized and managed a war on ogame.

To participate in a war click the appropriate button.

Join a war action will link your last raid of the war.

You can join your alliance at any time.

and-7 13/08/2013 01:17 1
and-7 13/08/2013 01:09 1

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War in progress

ID war Creator Opponent Place Start Date Informations
See [5] 2014-03-22 See war
See [4] 2012-12-29 See war
See [3] 2011-10-14 See war
See [2] 2011-05-30 See war
See [1] 2011-05-18 See war

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