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s134-fr LeatherFace Ombre SUP Bug Compte 2015-11-17 2015-11-19
s65-fr turkish AoM SUP Fusion 2014-07-14 2015-11-17
s64-fr Bourrin UOD SUP Compte supprimer IG 2013-01-17 2015-11-15
s123-fr celtic LWeeds SUP Compte supprimer IG 2014-02-25 2015-11-05
s136-fr yop68 CORLEONE SUP Autre 2015-10-30 2015-10-30
s106-fr Greg87 bzh29 SUP Bug Compte 2015-10-27 2015-10-27
s106-fr Greg87 bzh29 SUP Bug Compte 2012-06-13 2015-10-27
s121-fr TigrouRyo SHIELD SUP Compte supprimer IG 2013-05-28 2015-10-23
s136-fr 123 CORLEONE SUP Autre 2015-09-21 2015-10-19
s121-fr Yuri-G SUP Compte supprimer IG 2013-06-24 2015-10-17
s107-fr Yuri-G UFD SUP Compte supprimer IG 2013-06-13 2015-10-17
s123-fr migoou SUP Compte inutiliser 2014-03-07 2015-09-13
s66-fr LagunaLoire BIDON SUP Bug Compte 2014-02-21 2015-09-05
s131-fr DarkPixel CME SUP Compte supprimer IG 2014-12-21 2015-08-25
s119-fr BreizhGunner Unitas SUP Compte inutiliser 2013-10-10 2015-08-25
s65-fr Akiralezen 300-aka SUP Compte supprimer IG 2011-12-01 2015-08-22
s135-fr mangouste LDS SUP Autre BLBLBLBLBL 2015-08-01 2015-08-01
s127-it Discepolo MORDOR SUP Compte inutiliser 2015-03-17 2015-07-26
s122-fr heingib Ody SUP Compte supprimer IG 2013-08-25 2015-07-14
s134-fr Lynx F-G SUP Compte supprimer IG 2015-06-13 2015-07-10


Project AlTernative

Alternative is a management tool

Alternative offers numerous modules for your managed account.

Calculates the point, through tools, your production, to empire, the backup of your expeditions and raids, your evolution, etc.

Alternative also offers a records management per player, alliance ogame universe and everything.

It is also a community space that can be shared with these friends and his alliance.

Finally it is a tool that grows with your needs.

Script for "Alternative"

Uplod for its information on alternative must use the following script:InfoCompte

After installation, you can directly send information from alternative has ogame.

The creation of your colonies, techno, auto fleet.

This site complies with the rules and C.G.U. Ogame


How Does Infocompte Work?

InfoCompte is a script that displays the composition of your Ogame account, together with your progression from the general view.

Thanks to this script, you can update your account with only one button.

This script has been created by Vulca. I thank him personally for his help and support.

[InfoCompte] Official Board Topic

What Can I do, if Infocompte doesn't work?

If you have the latest version of the script, it may not be updated automatically.

Login on AlTernative, check if your email is the same as written ingame.

Check if your homeplanet is the same in AlTernative.

Have you scanned all your overviews ingame, moons included?

Your fleets are docked it? The flying fleet isn't recongined because unsafe!

If it still doesn't work, clear your cookies and temporary files and try again.

If this changes anything, please go here=> Problems and suggestions


The different signatures

What are the signatures provided by alTernative?

Currently there are three type of signature on the AlTernative project.

The signature "AlTernatif Achievements".

To generate the signature, you choose your Alternative profile and the signature will be generated.

AlTernatif Signatures

The signature "Production"

This signature is generated automatically at every connection with Infocompte.

Production Signature

The signature Empire

It displays your various accounts

empire Signature


The AlTernative Income


Advertising helps financing the server.


Donations can also contribute to the final alternative

A commission of 0.20 cents is deducted from your donations.

What happens if there are more gains than losses

In organization of competitions, this money will be paid as a antimatter coupons to winner .

The alternative project is voluntary.

I do not charge a fee for my work, this is my passion, my hobby that pushed me to create this site..

But I do not want either, that this hobby is a money pit. So I count on you to help me share this passion!


What is sponsorship?

For now you keep track of your referrals and contact them easily on this page Contact & Friends.

One day surely sponsorship may be used for bonuses or other.


Records and statistics

How participate to the Records .

You must have a profile on the alternative project

You need update your profile, upload your raid, and expeditions.

You can choose whether to display your records by editing your information.


The more players, more statistics are reliable.

If there is none or little person in your universe, you can sponsor other players.


[LOG] Account & Profile


We need the email that asks you InfoCompte and the one you used on the alternative project is the same.

An account contains one or more profiles.


Let your HomeWorld Alternative corresponds to that of Ogame.

A nickname, an alliance is unique in a universe.

Sizes nickname, tag alliance, the emails are the same as in OGame..

At each connection Infocompte your username is automatically updated.


[SUP] Deleting Profile

If the profile does not exist in the game (we can know through PM).

If there is a bug Profile or illegal behavior.

If the person removes it voluntarily.

Email is invalid if there are bug reports for inclusion.

After 3 reset, the account is deleted.


[RAZ] Reset Profile

Reset (reset) is performed if a bug is encountered with * your buildings, facilities, fenders, floats or techie.

Once a reset done by sending all information infoscompte are given a zero.

This does not include external information like your raids, backups, etc...

* a number impossible, an error is displayed in your information.

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